Lovoo VIP Fatures to meet more people online

Plunge into the world of LOVOO: exciting people, great dates and a pure moment of pleasure await you there. 35 million matches and 250 million messages per month. LOVOO will not only help you to have dates and to find love. With live videos, you can reveal more about yourself and learn more about others, for free and in real time.

Lovoo VIP

LOVOO  works with many payment service providers so that you can become a Premium member as easily as possible.

In the LOVOO App, you can choose between different payment service providers:

  • iTunes
  • Google Play (also with Google Play recharge)
  • PayPal

You can on the site LOVOO pay via:

  • PayPal
  • Visa / Mastercard (Stripe and Paymentwall)
  • by mobile phone bill (Mobiamo)
  • immediate payment (Klarna and Giropay)
  • paysafe card

As a general rule, the service providers mentioned above do not allow you to subscribe to a subscription if your bank account or a credit card is not linked to the account in question. If you choose one of the following payment methods: immediate payment, phone bill, paysafe card or paymentwall, no subscription will take place. For now, we do not offer the possibility of making a payment by means of a transfer or direct debit.


Since network operators have different sales conditions, we advise you to contact your network operator in advance to find out if this service is available in your particular case.

Please note that the e-mail address entered with the payment service provider is identical to your registered address at LOVOO. Otherwise, this can lead to problems with the assignment of your payment and the profile for which it was intended.

A VIP membership is linked to the profile on which it has been activated and is therefore not transferable to another profile. Do not forget to cancel a current membership with your payment service provider before deleting your profile.

Lovoo Live

Live Video is available for both Basic and Premium users. For now, the use for iOS and Android devices is possible from version v20.1. If you’re not sure which version you’re using, go to “Settings” in your profile and drag the screen down with your finger. There you will see your current version. Otherwise, always make sure you have downloaded the latest version from your App Store.

Live Radar

Use the live radar to find out who is nearby. For example, if you travel the city and want to company, you can see who is in the area with the radar.

You will find the radar in the app for iOS and Android. For this, select the round radar symbol in the lower menu bar.

Have fun discovering new profiles close to you!
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The Icebreaker is the chance to make a first contact with another user. A profile you liked, and you want to know more about this person? So you can easily with the Icebreaker break the ice between you!

The Icebreaker replaces the current chat request and at the same time offers you many new possibilities. This is a very special contact, you only have a few a day. It is advisable to think carefully before sending an Icebreaker, think about who to send it. If you get one, then you can be sure that the person who sent it really wants to meet you.

If your Icebreaker does not convince and is rejected, no problem, it happens. We give you advice and advice on what you can improve in the future.

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