Tinder Select: the dating app for rich and famous people

Tinder would have a secret version of his dating app intended exclusively for rich, famous people and at the top of the social ladder.

Tinder Select: the secret version of the dating app

The US site TechCrunch revealed that the application Tinder would have a secret version, Tinder Select, reserved for rich, well-born, and celebrities. And to avoid the elite mingling with the “basic” users, it would be Tinder who would select potential VIP members and send them a message inviting them to register.

This secret service for elites would exist, according to LifeHacker, for 6 months. It was released just after Tinder PC was launched. The list of registrants is not known, all scenarios can be imagined, Rihanna who “swipe” on the right Justin Timberlake, the “match” between John Oliver and Oprah Winfrey.

Tinder Select a Dating Service that Targets Elites

Tinder Select is positioned on the same niche as well-established services such as Rich Kids, or A Small Worl, which target high income. It is an algorithm developed internally that would allow Tinder to differentiate the elites from the “low people”.

Unlike its main competitors, which are aimed only at rich people and at the top of the social ladder, Tinder Select, targeting celebrities, seems to want to go even further in the selection process.

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