TOP 10 Free Apps to listen to music

Having access to any music, wherever you are, has become a boat: it’s the opposite that frustrates us. Thanks to music streaming apps, we enjoy the privilege of listening to our favorite artists from our smartphones, and discovering new artists no matter what we do – at work, at work, on the road or on the road. Here are the top 10 applications to listen to free music from our iPhone.

1. Spotify Music

Let’s start with the most popular Swedish music streaming app in the world. It is an online listening service that gives you access to more than 30 million songs from your computer or smartphone. Based on the principle of peer-to-peer (a founder of Spotify was the president of ╬╝Torrent), it claims in 2015 more than 75 million users. Almost all the labels are represented (some artists refused access to Spotify, like the Beatles and more recently Taylor Swift). You will have access to a huge music catalog, with advertising breaks every half hour for free versions. The app is developing and has established, for example, a partnership with Uber so that you can choose the music that plays during your ride. An application more and more essential for all those who listen to their music on their Smartphone.

2. Deezer

The other service that allows you to listen to your music for free for a few seconds of advertising: you will have access to the catalog of the biggest record companies, more than 35 million titles. You will be able to create and share your playlists, search for artists, trust Deezer’s suggestions (I’ve discovered some artists like that …), listen to the radio, and create your library to rank your favorite tracks. Coming from the incubator of a French business school, the site and the application have had a growing success, they wish in the near future to go public – that is to say.

To help you choose between the two competitors, here are some differences:

Dezzer has a larger catalog, and more oriented jazz and classical.
You have the posiblity to upload your own music on Deezer, unlike Spotify.
The audio quality of Deezer is – on average – reduced to the strict minimum (120-320 Kbps), and a little better at Spotify (160-320 Kbps).
Advertising at Deezer is very intuitive – she can cut a song while listening.
For Spotify, some songs will be banned after a couple of plays in free mode.

3. Google Play Music

It was initially a simple music player sold with Android devices, the application was – and remains – elegantly designed, aesthetic and fast. But above all it has improved to integrate today streaming from the Google Cloud. So you can store about 20,000 songs online on Google Music, and access them from anywhere, and first from your iPhone. Convenient if you already have a collection, which you want to access without transferring your songs to your phone (since they would take up all the space).

4. SoundCloud

The second application of Swedish music streaming of this top 10, the site and the application are turned to the musicians, to allow them to share their pieces for free. Exit the Rihanna, Pink Floyd and comparses, SoundCloud is made to discover artists who have not yet signed with a label. A kind of modern MySpace, without photos and ugly sites. The online player allows you to see the song as waves, and to comment on specific parts of the song. Indispensable to all those who wish to discover the talents of tomorrow, they are all there, to you to find them!

5. Shazam

The essential application for everyone who once asked “what is this music already? Without finding an answer. A miracle of technology that recognizes all the songs that you make him listen in seconds, and that will record the name of the artist and piece to find them later. The application is well known, but for those who did not know yet, a must-have for all mobile. And if you do not like the interface, I recommend SoundHound, a more thorough alternative than Shazam.

6. Radio

Radio allows you to listen live over 400 different French radio stations. To select the one you want, 3 criteria are available: choice according to the name of the desired station, or the location, by still by genre of music. It’s about, with this application you will find your favorite radio! A pro version has 0.99 euros is also available, which allows the automatic update of the application.

7. YouTube Music

Many of us have discovered artists through their clips on YouTube, so here is the application dedicated to the music catalog of the site. Thanks to its algorithm, the streaming leader promises a “personal journey” to bounce from one artist to another according to your tastes. Knowing Google (which has YouTube since 2006), this application will develop more and more to compete with the leaders, Spotify and Deezer, adding more official clips and a huge catalog.

8. Cloud Music

An application similar to Google Play Music, but which diversifies the choice of Clouds: you will be able to listen to the songs stored on the most popular Clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, SugarSync, Amazon S3, etc.). Even if the songs are not recorded on your mobile, you will have access to it, a huge space saving when you know the space available for free on a Cloud (between 2 and 50 GB, I refer you to the page dedicated to these last). The free version can sync only one cloud at a time, but I doubt that you have distributed your music on all existing clouds, otherwise it will gather all that …

9. TuneIn Radio

If you listen to the radio, here is the essential app that brings together more than 100,000 stations and millions of podcasts from around the world. You can even search an artist to see the stations that broadcast live. The interface is very simple and ergonomic, the application is discreet in the background.

10. Musyc

A crush to finish, Musyc is not an application made to listen to music, but to create it, and in a very fun way on the market. The application created by Fingerlab (a box based in Saint-Ouen) is presented as a game with clean design. You draw lines and program sounds and rhythm to create songs that a professional DJ would not deny, if you train a little and you have the musical ear. Free, but with In-App purchases to access all the features, it will appeal to all lovers of music and games!

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